rapunzella Why would you choose to desecrate a bible? Is it supposed to be art, in that the pages correspond with your phrases/thoughts, or are you just taking your frustration out on organized religion? I am curious.

I received several similar questions while I was away, so I suppose I’ll write a bit about it. I also gained a fuckload of followers — to all of you, hello. Enjoy your stay.

With some of the pages, the content does correspond to the verses, but this is hardly an overarching theme. Someone gave me this bible for free as I was walking down the street, so a part of this project is the irony of someone giving me a book in hopes of converting me and having me, instead, destroy and defile it.

The bible, and organized religion in general, has been used for years to oppress free expression. I know that it gives some people hope, purpose in life, what have you, but it’s never done that for me, and thus I’ve found it wildly satisfying to rip up the “holy” pages. Not to mention: it looks cool.

So this answer pretty much addresses the other askers: no, it’s not because God inspires me, no, this is not my way of talking to Jesus. With all due respect, I don’t think Jesus would be very interested in what I’m saying. There are other reasons and rationalizations that I’ve put to this project, but I’d rather not disclose them, and instead leave the interpretation up to you.

(but to be alone—)

Hey there, assholes

been a while

but I’m back



When I wrote this post, I didn’t know you.
Now I know you.
Why do I do this to myself?
I have a terrible voice
Jane Austen Girl
I’m trying
Infinite Loops
But life isn’t fair, I suppose